My name is Izzy and I am a 19-year-old Journalism student from Sheffield! I study in Lincoln so I am constantly between a pretty big city and a pretty small city, which means I am blessed with having Meadowhall on my doorstep when i'm at home, and plenty of small boutiques and vintage stores when i'm at uni, which is great when it comes to fashion inspiration and opportunity but horrendous when it comes to my bank balance!

I've created this blog as a platform to note down and share all my ideas, inspirations and things I love the most. I'll be writing mainly Fashion Articles with Catwalk Reports, Fashion News Updates and a few Personal Style entries, but i'll also be writing a few Beauty entries, some health and fitness stuff which is something I am particularly passionate about as I am a total gym freak! I'll also be throwing a few random entries about things that happen in my ridiculously busy life!

Please follow my blog and if I like the look of yours I will definitely follow back!

Lots of Love, Izzy xoxo

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