Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween Post: Tigress

Okay, it may be a little far out in the Personal Style stakes, but I felt obliged to show you my Halloween look as I had to derive inspiration from a pair of cat ears. I love these lace ones from Topshop as they are very girly and a little different from the generic Pound-store plastic ears. I felt like I had to have them although they were a little more expensive than what i'd normally pay for fancy dress! 

I couldn't actually go out for Halloween last night as I was working until 1am and by the time I finished I just wanted to crawl into bed! We still had to dress up for work though so I could still get in the spirit! I didn't want to go as just a cat as I did that last year and i'm probably starting to get a reputation as a crazy cat lady, so I googled a few ideas and absolutely loved Pixie Lott's Tiger look from a couple of years ago, so I decided to recreate the look.

1) I didn't have any orange paint so I literally just got a bronzer brush and used LOTS of orange eyeshadow from my multi-colour palette. It seemed to do the trick but if I were to do this in future I would definitely invest in orange body paint! I used this on targeted areas such as my shoulders, sides of my face and top of my arms as opposed to just chucking it everywhere!

2) I then got a black paint stick (they look a little like wax crayons), and did Tiger-like stripes on top of the orange patches.

3) Last but not least, I made sure my eyes were VERY dark with lots of smokey eyeshadow tapered out to the sides to create a Cat-flick. I used a little liquid eyeliner on the inner part of my eye to finish the signature cat shape.

I would have finished off with a black lip but as I was working all night I knew it would end up all over my face! I'd love to find an excuse to do this again as it was so fun!

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