Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Check It Out

Check Shirt: Missguided
Leather Skirt: River Island
Fur Stole: H&M
Stud Chelsea Boots: Missguided

First of all, I have to apologise for the horrible image quality! I still have to find somewhere with decent lighting and a plain backdrop in my house in Lincoln, and as this was taken at 2am there was nobody around to photograph me, so I had to make do with my webcam. I will try and find somewhere better for next time!

Anyway, I wore this for work last night as I love a bit of a Heritage feel, and I really wanted to wear my fur stole again as it was the coldest Bonfire Night in 100 years and I knew I was going to be FREEZING! I actually wore my white Converse to work as they are really comfortable and good for moving around in, so they are perfect for Promo work. However, when I wear this outfit I usually wear my Stud Chelsea boots from Missguided! Again, sorry the image quality is shocking but if you wanna see a clearer picture of these then check out my 'She's Fur Real' post. I really love this leather skirt as it's so versatile and comfortable, you can honestly wear it with almost anything so I can see why so many people have them this season. I'm working again tonight but I think i'll be making do with a less than stylish big hoodie and some jeans as I don't think I can tackle this weather in tights again! 

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