Thursday, 1 November 2012

Lady In Red

Dress: Missguided
White Men's Shirt: Primark 
Converse: Office
Watch: ASOS

Soo here is my first personal style post! I really like this outfit as the dress is so girly yet i've given it a kind of masculine edge with the man's shirt and converse. I used to wear the dress for nights out but I feel that its time on the town has been and gone! It would be a shame to throw it away though as I love the colour and texture and basically everything about it so I decided it deserves a second chance and toughened it up a little. I love wearing shirts under dresses for a daytime feel, especially as it's getting a little colder and I still need an excuse to be a bit girly! Although, having said that, I think my style this season is definitely more 'Tomboy' than what I usually go for, hence the converse. I NEVER wear Trainers except for at the gym but I just had to have these as they were so comfortable and they go with pretty much everything. I'd definitely recommend a pair if you don't have some already as they are such an investment... I can't live without them now!

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