Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Must Have Item: Lancelot Knight Bags

I don't know about you guys but this cold, gloomy weather is not my cup of tea AT ALL (that reminds me, someone please put the kettle on as it is FREEZING!) The second August ended, everyone brought out the big jumpers and dark colours which, after just two months, are driving me crazy already. We all need a bit of colour and fluorescence in our lives to perk us up a little and get us dreaming of those Summer months which are so close, yet so far away.

Well Kiddos, dream no more because I have good news! Whoever decided that bright colours are criminal in winter- their days are OVER because when I opened my email inbox yesterday, I discovered a link to the most vibrant, beautiful, anti-frostbite bags you will ever see.

I honestly think that Lancelot Knight have created a solution to arm-candy woes this Winter. Their gorgeous range includes the classically shaped Avon Barrel, and the amazingly retro Chelsea Satchel and Harrow Bag. I'm not gonna lie, I can't actually decide which is my favourite although I am definitely leaning towards the Barrel, with its sophisticated shape and simple design, it really does cater to everyone- if you're a style-seeking student, the bright colours and classic design are perfect, and if you're a busy Mum, the wipe clean material is fab for when one of the kids gets their grubby hands on it! 

The Avon Barrel starts at £115 which, for some of you, may be a little out of your budget for a bag, but if you're comparing it to other high quality, designer handbags out there, it's pretty good value and would be worth saving up for! I think i'm gonna have to sneak one of these onto my Christmas list, let's call it an 'Investment Piece'... 

Of course, if you're not confident enough to brave a bright bag, or simply just want a colour that matches EVERY outfit, there are classic, rustic shades of brown which look gorgeous on a handbag with such a retro feel. I absolutely love the colour of this Chelsea Satchel- if I saw anyone walking down the street with one of these I would have serious Satchel envy. 

The Chelsea Satchel starts at £98 and comes in a range of colours perfect for Winter, and get this- they are not dull AT ALL! Loving the gorgeous berry shades which are a hit his Autumn/Winter.

Last but not least- the Harrow Bag. As of present, these bags sport a more fluorescent tone than the Chelsea Satchel which adds a gorgeous edge to such a vintage shape. I absolutely love the Fluoro Pink version. Come to think of it, I love them all!

I hope you guys love them as much as I do! I think the only bad thing about these bags is deciding which colour to pick as they are all SO nice. Make sure you grab one before everyone else does! 

Check out the whole range of styles and colours at http://lancelotknight.co.uk/. 

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  1. cute bags.. not a brand i know of, but will have a browse at their website. :)
    not brave enough for the bright colours, although they are still nice.. id stick to the brown or a black. :)